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A marketplace at your disposal

Our Marketplace is a multipurpose place, ideal for the presentation of products, corporate meetings, anniversaries, parties, any event which needs a nice and spacious environment, surrounded by gastronomic services to make us be alert for the guests.  


We have different dynamic, functional and creative areas that adjust to each meeting necessities: work meetings, conferences, workshops, celebrations and family and social meetings.     


 We are ready to give you an innovative and intimate experience. We have a varied catering service which collects selected dishes from all our cuisines menus, the best drinks from our bars and the most exquisite handmade desserts, with the Galician products quality.   


All our areas can be equipped with multimedia and audiovisual technology, screens, connectivity, appropriate furniture and our excellent staff's predisposition, specially trained, guarantee up to the last detail to have a highly successful experience.    

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