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Pulpo a feira

Casa Maria- Pulpo a feira 2.jpg

Octopus with olive oil. Cooked in a copper pot that gives it a soft texture to the palate, seasoned with oil, salt and a mixture of sweet and hot paprika. A delicacy

Hot Sushi Special

Iraxai- Hot especial (1).jpg

Crunchy roll with salmon, cucumber and cream cheese with roe tobiko 

Carrilleras de Cerdo

Casa Maria- Carrilleras de cerdo al Menc

Cheek of iberian pork. Prepared over a low heat with Ribeira Sacra Mencia wine and bresa vegetables (onion, leek, carrots, red bell pepper) accompanied by Galician potatoes.

Pizza Diavola

Tototruffa- Pizza Diavola.jpg

Kneaded by hand this special combination of fresh ingredients: tomato, mozzarella with spicy salami, seasoned with raw olive oil with cucumber. Gluttony is not a sin. 

Churrasco Mixto

Lacon Street - Churrasco Mixto.jpg

Tender pork and beef ribs roasted on the embers, accompanied by exquisite Galician double boiled potatoes and fresh salad leaves and tomatoes.

Patatas gajos caseras

Hamburguesa de soja

Ollo Pataca - Patatas gajos caseras.jpg

Rustic frech fries. Cooked in double frying for a perfect combination: crunchy and a soft and smooth

 interior, they melt in your mouth 

The Veggie- Hamburguesa de soja 1.jpg

Soja hamburguer. Server with homemade tomato sauce, chickpea flour, and a gourmet touch of bell pepper jam and arugula. A healthy delight. 

Pulled pork gallego

Lacon Street- Pulled pork gallego.jpg

Pork with churrasco sauce, Arzúa Ulloa cheese and roadstedpepper 

Saquitos de mariscos

Le petit tamboril- saquitos de mariscos

Fried in brick pasta, filled with fresh seafood sauce: prawns, shrimps, mussels, cockles, sautéed in butter, garlic, onions and bay leaves achieving the desired flavor. 

Huevos rotos con chorizo

Raxo al ajillo

Churras Churras- huevos rotos con choriz

Grilled free-range eggs cooked with crispy potatoes and Galician chorizo. With every bite you will dream of the aromas of your grandmother's kitchen.

Casa Maria- Raxo al ajillo 1.jpg

Lean and tender pork loin, cut into small pieces, marinated with selected garlic of intense aroma, crowning the cooking with a touch of oil, salt and parsley. 

Pulled pork peruano

Lacon Street- Pulled Pork peruano.jpg

Bocata of selected pork shoulder, confit at low temperature, marinated with aji panca, lime creole sauce and roasted sweet potato. 

Hamburguesa gustosa

Lacon Street- Hamburguesa gustosa 2.jpg

100% beef (180 gr) with a base of mango chutney, smoked cheedar cheese, avocado and crispy onion. A delight among tasty breads.

Lasagna ragú

Tototruffa- Lasagna de carne 1.jpg

The traditional Italian lasagna ase don bologna, bechamel, mozzarella, flavored with fine strands of formaggio parmesano. Simply spectacular.

Croquetas de mejillón

Ollo Pataca- croquetas de mejillon galle

Bechamel croquettes filled with fresh Galician mussels, battered in crunchy breadcrumbs. Portion 6 units.

Sushi freestyle

Iraxai- Combinado de sushi 15 piezas.jpg

Our sushiman continuously renews the proposal by generating new combinations that in time become classics. 13 pieces

Poke bowl quinoa

The Veggie- Poke Bowl frutas y verduras

Quinoa and fruit salad. Quinoa seeds, served with fresh fruits and vegetables: avocados, mangos, pomegranates, tomatoes, kiwis, cooked corn and carrots. 

Nécora cocida

Le Petit Tamboril- Necora cocida.JPG

Galician crabs are the most famous seafood for their quality and the taste of their tender flesh.

Tortilla galiciana

Churras Churras- Tortilla Galiciana .jpg

From country eggs, cooked with potatoes, ham and our tasty cheese from Arzúa Ulloa provide a unique flavor.

Tarta de fresas

Secretos de Galicia- Tarta de fresas.jpe

Strawberry cake with yogurt mousse and shortcrust pastry

Nolomo saltado

The Veggie- Nolomo saltado.jpg

Textured soybean wok, impeccable Peruvian style, with a mix of red onions, tomatoes, beans and our incredible potatoes in segment.

Nordes Galician gin

Grolos Gin Nordes

Galician gin, is based on a portion of albariño grape, balsamic aroma and subtle notes balance its final flavor.

1906 cerveza


You can enjoy our newly arrived "1906" unpasteurised beer in our Big Concept Craft bar.

Café Siboney


In our Coffe Truck you can taste the best selection of grains from all around the world, you choose! 

Table reservations available on the following days

TUE to SUN 12pm to 11pm

You can also contact us to make your reservation on

 TUESDAY to SUNDAY from 10 at 12pm and 16pm to 00am

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